How it works

With a few simple steps, you can easily organize your hunt!


The search engine was designed so that after entering the most important parameters, the recorded offers will be displayed to you. Select the game you want to kill, maybe your target country, and then the trophy size of the prey you want from the rating system for that game. Our system is already searching for offers that meet the criteria. If you need to further filter the offers, you can further refine the list of offers with the additional filters available on the results page. If you like an offer, go to the detailed profile page of the hunting area, where you will find all the necessary information about the offerer’s area. Offers come from a verified and authenticated user.

Reservation is a digital marketplace, so offers can be booked. The bookings submitted record all the necessary data related to the specific hunt, so both parties can look to the other with confidence. There is no unclear detail, as we set out the parts for the parties in a pre-booking contract. As a result, we are able to increase customer and seller confidence in a unique way. We try to show all the costs incurred, but the actual final amount is accounted for at the end of the hunt, depending on the game killed and the services used. The advance payment is made by credit card in a few moments, in a secure, encrypted interface, neither the nor the offer advertiser has access to the card details.

The hunt can begin!

After making the down payment, there is no other task left to do but to pack up for the trip.

Settlement with the hunting area

Depending on the success of the hunt, you will have to settle with the hunting area. In case of failure or damage, the difference will be returned to you according to the conditions determined by the area.

Qualification of hunting experience

Help other guests make their choice! Evaluate the area you visited, tell us what you experienced! Based on your experience, someone may decide to visit a particular hunting area or try to kill that particular game. It is in our common interest to have a clear picture of what awaits us before booking. Professionalism, hospitality, and the qualities of the field are all important in making a decision.

Common community features

Share your hunting experience and pictures on our closed community interface with your friends! Comment on pictures of your friends, recall the beauties of hunting together.