About us

Our small company has been hunting together for a long time, there are some of us who bring the love of the forest from the family, there are those who have found the experience of hunting themselves. The idea for hunting.direct was also born after a joint hunt. With the experience of hunting organization, as a hunter and organizer, the question arose as to why there is no site, an application, where the organization can be done simply, quickly and safely for all parties involved, without unnecessary circles. The brainstorming was followed by deeds, and after nearly 2 years of work, hunting.direct was born. Our goal was to create a site where hunters and hunting grounds can communicate directly with each other to speed up communication, make payment and administrative tasks transparent, and this beautiful activity can be an experience from the very first moment with the help of a 21st century tool.

We, the founders of hunting.direct, with decades of experience in hunting and hunting organizers behind us, are committed to ethical hunting and aim to make these principles felt by all users.

On the community page of the hunting.direct project, we want to make the tradition of hunting widely known and open to those who want nature and love nature.

Objectives of the hunting.direct project

The hunting.direct project is a marketplace and community site that connects hunters and hunting grounds directly without the involvement of a hunting organizer. The service will be available on desktop and in a downloadable application. The target group of the service is hunters, mainly hunters, owners and maintainers of hunting grounds. Indirectly, all interest groups that trade, deal with and provide a product related to hunting.

The aim of hunting.direct is to become a hunting broker portal in Hungary and its surroundings in the first phase and in Europe in the long run.

Mission and vision

Hunting.direct believes in ethical hunting, respects and protects nature, and aims to get more young people to know and love ethical hunting.

That’s why we have created a digital marketplace that connects service providers with their customers in the pay-hunting market without an intermediary, thereby uniquely increasing buyer and seller confidence.

As usual, hunting.direct users in other areas of life can choose from our partners' offers online, customize and compare them and of course share, like, comment and rate, for which we also provide an inviting, exclusive, closed community interface.

The social networking portal provides an excellent opportunity for us to deliver messages from our mission.

What needs does hunting.direct address?

At the moment, hunters can only find out about the available offers for a given region or game only through hunting organizers, and are unable to find out or compare them directly. In the hunting.direct marketplace, offers are searchable and comparable, and ratings come from a large number of available, verified, and verified users. By clicking on the offers, they can book the trip easily and quickly, if they have any questions, they can contact the area directly. Through a reliable payment system, you can send your down payment in a matter of moments, then all you have to do is pack up for the trip.